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The in-app messaging eliminates the need to use multiple applications to contact your members. You can send messages to an individual or group in your community.


You get paid easier and faster with the Stripe integration. This allows for recurring or one-time payments for courses.

Community Forum

Create community topics to keep conversations and files organized within courses. All members can collaborate and stay engaged with these defined topics.

Coming Soon!

Member Management

Assign course administrator or coordinator roles to individuals to assist you with the day-to-day task of running your course. Roles will control who can view and edit content within courses.

Coming Soon!

Course Discovery

All courses on the platform will be featured on the Course Discovery page. Individuals will utilize this page to find courses by category. You can set your course offering to private if you do not want it listed on the Course Discovery page.

Coming Soon!


Each course will have a dashboard to assist you with course feedback, analytics, member progress, payments, and much more.

Video Conferencing

Use video conferencing for course sessions (if applicable) or course lead meetings.

Coming Soon!

Import Members

Import clients from another platform with name and email addresses. Clients will receive an email notification with a signup link to register for your course.

Coming Soon!


Integrate your calendars to keep track of all meetings scheduled for your courses. Schedule time to meet with members of your team or clients on a one-time or reoccurring basis.

Coming Soon!

Goal Tracker Board

Members can keep track of To Do, In Progress, and Completed goals. This feature will allow your members to clearly know their goals and promote accountability.

Goal Journaling

Clients will have the ability to journal their experience while going through your course. At the end of the course they can export the journal as a guide to stay on track.

Coming Soon!

Goal Rating

Turn on this feature to allow members in your courses to rate their experience with the goals you set for them. The information collected on ratings can help you identify changes you need to make to courses.

Coming Soon!


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